Price Sign Set A3 Size - 1 Poster Frames Blue, 1 Magnetic Clip 1 PVC insert

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We are the direct factory importer, and selling many kinds of price sign and accessories. Please ask our salesperson.
Price is negotiable if the quantity is enough.

This auction is for one Price Sign Set (Price signage) A3 Size including 1 Poster Frames Blue, 1 PVC insert, and 1 x Vertical or Parallel magnetic clip holder.

Frame Size available: A3, A4, A5 and A6
Frame material: Plastic
Frame Colour: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, Clear.

PVC Insert size: A3, A4, A5 and A6

Magnetic Clip holder options: Vertical (photo 3) and Parallel (photo 2).

Individual price:
Frame: A3 $4.50; A4 $3.00; A5 $2.50; A6 $2.00

PVC insert(pair): A3 $2.99; A4 $1.50; A5 $1.00; A6 $0.50

Magnetic Clip holder: $3.00
Plastic Clip Hook: $0.8

Combined Shipping is available.