Retail Price Signage with number roller from 000.00 ~ 999.99 Max.

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One Retail Price Signage with replaceable number roller, from 000.00 ~ 999.99 Max.
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This price signage with number roller makes your price changing much easier and quicker. Just click a pin behind each number of the number roller to change the displayed number.
The blank display window at top part of the signage is for displaying your goods name, brief description and unit, you can print these information on a paper or card and cut it into the size as same as the display window, and then insert it into the display window side slot.
The small blank window at left bottom of the signage is for displaying the money symbol (say, $, in New Zealand).

- Overall Size: W 135 x H 90 x 4 mm Thick (the number roller: 18mm)
- Goods Description Display window: W 124 x H 41mm
- "$" Display window: W 20 x H 22 mm
- Number Roller: W 96 x H 22 x 18 mm Thick, the displayed number size: W 6 x H 11 mm (Approx.)

- Price Signage frame/Panel: high quality perspex sheet
- Removable number roller, for easy replacement, Plastic.

Four types of snap hooks (see the photos) for different display styles.
This auction does not include the snap hooks, tell us the item number of the snap hooks you want.
- The snap hooks 1: Magnetic snap hook $2.5/ea
- The snap hooks 2: $1.5/ea
- The snap hooks 3: $1/pair
- The snap hooks 4: $1/ea