Rhinowalk Bike Waterproof Pannier - Expandable to 11L/17L/30L, Black, Quality

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one Rhinowalk Bike Waterproof Pannier - Expandable to 11L/17L/30L, Black, Quality

Model: RK6100B
Colour: Black
Weight: 1450gram
Size: The main bag before expanded 34x16x20cm (11L), the top expanded size 34x16x30cm (17L), the fully expanded size 34x32x50cm (30L)

- The bag, with detachable compartments and anti-shock protection cotton, can hold some valuable device like SLR camera suits etc. The capacity is about 17L after the top part of bag's expanded. When the sides of the bag are expanded, it offers about 30L storage space, which meets the general needs of carrying items for medium/long distance travel.

- The bike bags comes with shoulder straps, which can be either used as a carrier pannier on bike and motorcycle, or as a shoulder bag.

Made of sturdy Tarpaulin which is strong water resistant and durable. When in heavy rain, it is recommended to cover with the rain cover provided.

Padded inside reducing shock while cycling. Detachable partition for usage flexibility.
INTERATED BODY FRAME: Hard to deflective during using. Protect clothes, shoes, phone, clothes, shoes, phone, cameras, kettle and other belongs into the bike trunk bag confidently.

- Equipped with reflective strips

- 1 x Main bag
- 1 x shoulder strap
- 1 x rain cover