*SMART SENSOR* Ultrasonic Distance Meter 0.5-20m

*SMART SENSOR* Ultrasonic Distance Meter 0.5-20m

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This auction is for one *SMART SENSOR* Ultrasonic Distance Meter 0.5-20m, battery included.

Price dropped, the normal price was $79
One Year Warranty.

-Measures in imperial/metric
-Start Point Selection
-Data Store/ recall
-Computer areas and volumes
-5 groups of value in memory
-Sum of lengths
-AUto/Manual shut-off
-LCD backlight
-Key sound, beeps for wrong reading

-Measuring range: 0.5m-20m
-Accuracy:+/- 1% of reading
-Condition:0-30C, 45$-90%RH
-Response time: 2 Second
-Power supply: 9V battery
-Current Consumption:
Stand-by current: <=30uA
Operating current: 8-45 mA
-Auto Shut off: 120 second
-LCD backlight: active in 7 second
-Operation environment
Temperature: 0-40C
Humidity: 45%-90%
-Store temperature: -10C-60C
-Dimension:150 x 74 x 44
-Weight: 210g not including the weight of battery

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