ZOOM MTB Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake set with power-cut sensors - Front & Rear

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one set of ZOOM HB-875-E MTB Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake set with power-cut sensors - Front & Rear, Black

ZOOM HB-875-E Hydraulic Front & Rear Disc Brake MTB Bike Brake Adapter Calipers, with power-cut sensor cable

System: open system, Dual piston; sensor control designed; easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.
Lever: Forged aluminum lever and bracket, two pieces bracket designed, 2.5/3 finger blade, finish: black
Caliper: One piece forged aluminum body, post/side mounting available, Automatic caliper positioning via front and rear adapters. Finish: Black.
Pads: High-performance metal composite materials, easy replacement.
Fluid: Non-corrosive mineral oil

Brand: ZOOM (Taiwan Brand)
Model: HB-875-E
Color: Black

Upper Pump: 6061 Aluminum alloy forging handle / Aluminum alloy casting bracket
Installation: International standard mounting
Front Adapter: 160mm/140mm
Rear Adapter: 180mm/160mm
Length of front cable (hose): 750mm
Length of rear cable (hose): 1450mm
Net Weight: 700gram /pair
Power-cut sensors: each brake lever comes with a water-proof cable with a two pins male plug.
(note: If your system need three pins plug, please buy a 2 to 3 pins adapter cable at $20. If your system has different terminal for the power-cut cable, you need to modify the cable terminal)

The item comes with brake levers (left and right), brake hoses (1450mm for rear, 750mm for front), hose connectors, and calipers. it requires some simple assembly, as some customers' e-bike may require to go through inside of the bike frame tube.
The brake oil pre-filled.

Parcel includes
- Brake levers with power-cut sensor cable (left and right)
- Front Hose and rear hose
- Hose connectors
- Brake Calipers (front and rear)
- 160mm Brake Rotors x 2pcs

Note: As the product comes with bulk package for wholesale or bike shop, does not have retail package individually.