How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Bike to Electric?

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Not everybody can afford a brand-new electric bike, so converting a traditional bicycle is a practical alternative. The exact price of a good quality electric bike conversion kit depends on what you’ll use the bicycle for and the kind of motor you choose.

Buying a Battery Is a Separate Purchase

Remember that you’ll also need to buy a battery. What kind of battery do you need? This depends on the capacity, measured in watt-hours or amp hours to give you the battery range, and the voltage, usually 36 V and 48 V.

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to fit the various components on your bike to complete the conversion. The components are:

  • The battery and battery holder
  • An LCD display with a remote controller
  • Motor cut-off levers (option)
  • Wiring looms
  • A throttle (option)
  • The electric motor
  • An E-bike controller (normally built in other parts)
  • A charger

    To convert your bike, different e-bike kits need different ways to be installed. The easiest kit to convert your bike is our front wheel e-bike kit, you just need a few minutes to take off your front wheel and then put our front wheel back, and then do some settings. For the rear wheel kit and mid-drive kits, you need to dismantle the cranks, pedals and bottom bracket (for mid-drive kit only), put on the wheel or mid-drive motor, mount the battery / LCD display/Throttle, connect all parts and put back the chain crankset.  We provide instruction manual.

    An Electric Bike Conversion Kit Can Stretch Your Budget

    Get in touch with a professional about the myriad benefits of converting a traditional bike into an electric bike. This makes the best use of a bike you own and extends your budget on customisation options. Remember that the total cost depends on the quality of the conversion kit and the type of battery you choose.

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